Welcome to Grow Strong Foundation (GSF)

Grow strong Foundation (GSF) is a Non-Governmental, Non-Religious and Non- Profit Organization Established 2017 and incorporated in 2018 with registration number RC 106092. GSF believe to promote and protect the well fare of vulnerable people from all forms of social, Economic and emotional discrimination through Peace Building, Education, Protection, health care, advocacy and sensitization and awareness Programs.

Our Mission

To protect, prevent, response and improve the living Condition of Vulnerable Children as a valuable asset for Nation Development.

To protect people from harmful effects of abuses and Discrimination in the Society.

Our Values

  • We are a trusted, independent and authoritative advocate for the Protection.
  • We make objective decisions based on the best available evidence and information.
  • We manage our resources effectively and efficiently to deliver value to the public.
  • We regulate in a fair, proportionate and transparent manner and target those who don't comply.
  • We make a difference by working with others to build trust, networks and partnerships to deliver effective outcomes.
  • We strive continuously for improvement and excellence through learning and development.
  • We are innovative, adaptive and open to new and flexible ways of working.
  • We design and deliver services from the citizen's point of view.
  • We provide our services in a manner that is competent, courteous and responsive.
  • We work together to deliver effective outcomes.
  • We support, trust and value our colleagues and empower each other to make decisions.
  • We are open and honest with each other.
  • We constructively challenge and encourage each other to do better.

Our Vision

We a Strong, healthy and well protected people supporting a Strong society where Economic, Social and Emotional Development is achieved.